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Using iPad as .pdf-viewer in Airplane Mode

The following script generates a very simple site with index.html file and the site.manifest file from a directory with .pdf-files. The generated site enables Offline-storage mode which lets iPad access cached content, even when in Airplane Mode. apache needs an “AddType text/cache-manifest manifest” to serve the correct Content-Type header. lighttpd is already configured to serve correct headers. You can test it here! Refer to this article for background. #!/bin/bash MANIFEST=site.manifest

Make the right Windows-key an extra AltGr-key

My T61 has a stupid Windows-key stuck between AltGr and Ctrl. It gets in the way all the time. I never use the key; my old R51 didn’t have it and I only use Model-M’s on my workstations. To fix this annoying “feature”, put this line last in your .bashrc-file : xmodmap -e "keysym 0xff67 = ISO_Level3_Shift" Now that key is an extra AltGR-key ! Problem solved !

Progress report for commands processing large files

How many times have you done $ md5sum a-large-and-probably-important-file and during the thumb-rolling wait, cursed yourself for not remembering to use the excellent pv – Pipe Viewer program ? pv shows a nice progress report as well as a useful ETA time. $ pv ] 38% ETA 0:00:03 The pv program is only an apt-get install pv away! Yeah, pv is very good if you remember to use it…. Can we get a progress report after we started md5sum ?

Innovators get Linux to boot in 1 second

This is the first post of the new and weekly best-of-interesting-stuff in programming, operating systems and cool solutions. The idea is to gather the good stuff here; for myself and others to enjoy. “For those who wonder why a processor doing billions of instructions per second needs to take minutes to boot up, wonder no more; MontaVista has shown that you can boot up a complete modern operating system in less than a second.” Read the interesting article on how they did it.

Black Day

This is the very sad day when mountains of code and machines is being repossessed by a bunch of utterly clueless and useless people.

XEN to KVM Migration

I will describe a way to move a XEN domU virtual machine into a KVM virtual machine. Xen stores the machine as one partition in one file. KVM stores the machine as a whole disk. There are many ways to do this. This might work for you. NOTE! The packages parted and kpartx must be installed for this. First, install grub and a kernel in the virtual machine (xen domU), since a KVM-machine is a self contained machine and needs its own kernel.